Fall {Tolerant} in NYC

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Fall {Tolerant} in NYC

Hello, lovelies!


I'm back with some fall looks and a quick update for you: I chopped off all of my hair! 

Many of you who know me personally know I was completely adamant about not chopping off my hair as part of the transition to natural hair. NYC is so much easier on my hair, so I made a decision earlier in the year to stop relaxing my hair and allow it to grow out - thinking that I would use protective styling methods and chop off the relaxed hair after a year or two.

Well guess what: that ain't easy. It's way too complicated and who cares????? Really!
I was only holding on to my long hair so that everyone else would still think I was attractive, or so that I still fit the image of someone else ideal type. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat. So, off with her hair. I went to Miss Ali, who is in a fabulous salon in Midtown (Joseph's Salon) and let her have at it.

And now, I'm free. I love my hair: i haven't seen these curls since I was very little. I don't even remember them. My mom relaxed my hair when I was very little, and all I remember before that was the torture of her giving me "Asian" eyes while braiding my hair. My hair was something I hated because it wasn't straight like the white kids around me growing up. I remember, one time in second grade, all my friends had long blond hair and they would go to the bathroom after every recess and lunch and brush out each others hair. No one offered to do my hair. They kept begging me to take it down, so I did. I released the afro and they just looked at me, and eventually went back to brushing and hair spraying each other's hair. 
We walked out to the playground, and all the boys started laughing at me. One of them came up to me and told me I looked like storm with my hair standing straight up. I didn't even know who storm was at the time, but I figured it wasn't a good somebody to look like if it was making everyone laugh at me.
On top of that, after school I got a spanking for taking my hair out and reversing all of my mom's hard work.

If you couldn't tell already I grew up with my family as the only minority in predominantly white schools and communities. My mom always wore her hair short, we didn't have access to TV and magazines because my parents were very strict, so the only beauty examples I had around me were my peers - who were all white or coolie Trini with absolutely manageable hair. So over time I learned to manipulate and damage my hair so it did what theirs did. And I'm done. 

And I look great. 

I'm loving my curls. I play with them all day long, lost in thought. It's been only three weeks since the big chop, and on a daily basis, I wake up and stare at my curls in the mirror, my cheek bones, my freckles, my skin. I feel like I'm being introduced to a long lost twin for the first time. Every day, either someone comes running after me, or gets my attention on the train to tell me that they love my hair. My girlfriends (and a surprising amount of homeboys) love it. My sister, who has waist length hair, is threatening to cut her gorgeous mane and go natural as well.

I've also noticed that I don't take shit from anyone any more. I've learned to make and maintain eye contact with people who stare at me on the bus. I speak up for myself a little bit more loudly now. And I noticed I now have minimal patience for someone checking for me when I did not send for them. I don't have space for anyone in my life that doesn't appreciate me the way I am -- and that goes for me, too.

I chopped off "Pushover/People Pleaser Maya" with my relaxed hair.

I got lost in thought here. What I really wanted to tell you is that I love my dog, but my train of thought went sideways. So I'll save that for next post! Stay tuned.

With this crazy NYC flip-flop weather, I've learned to incorporate layering and "athleisure" into my fall wardrobe. I hear you: Maya wear's sneaks??????
When in Rome, people, when in Rome...

Peep my looks below and let me know what you think! Comment and Share!
Outfit details:
Hoodie: Adidas
Panel athletic pants: Forever21
Sneaks: Necessary clothing
Backpack: Zara
Coat: & Other Stories
Watch: Daniel Wellington

oh, you know, me and Marchesa chilling in Upper East Side. Sipping Starbucks and strollin' in Central Park on a lazy Sunday morning...

Bookbags are a necessity in NYC, especially when your hands are full with a furry friend!Just because Marchesa actually posed for this one. It has been said that we go hard.

I fell in love with Daniel Wellington watches a few years ago. I thought I lost this watch coming back from Vail earlier in the year, but I recently found it in the suitcase! 
Gold shoes are loud, I know, but if I am going to wear a pair of sneakers, they must come with the mandatory "Maya sparkle." I have a rep to protect...

I've been working out. These pants from Forever21 only help to prove this point

un bisoux,


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