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Living Fearless

me, posing in my favorite place in NYC – the Brooklyn Bridge


“Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there is a series of obstacles, and the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles. Your decision to be, have and do something out of the ordinary entails facing difficulties and challenges that are out of the ordinary as well.”

-  Brian Tracy 


A few months ago, a friend of mine was asking me about my transition from Miami to NYC, and asked me if I would consider blogging about living fearless. My first response was, “Ehrrmmmmmm, I don’t think so,” because that would mean that I would have to disclose my fears, and if I learned anything from my 5+ years of living in Miami, you have to “Fake it ‘til you make it.”


But I thought about it for a while, and I guess I could share my story.


This week marks two years since I landed here in NYC. My company put me up in a hotel in down town Brooklyn, and as soon as I dropped off my luggage, I grabbed a slice of NYC pizza and got on a train (and got lost getting) to midtown Manhattan. I met up with a friend who was visiting who was also from Miami and we went to Eataly and then went shopping for a few hours. I walked around in absolute awe of the sheer vibrancy of the city. Everyone was fabulous in their own right, and everything was moving quickly. If you stopped or slowed down, you got run over. On the cab ride back to the hotel, driving over the Brooklyn bridge back to downtown Brooklyn, I got emotional because I couldn’t believe that I was here. Not only here, but living here. I was going to become a New Yorker, kick butt and take names. I was so excited. Back at the hotel, I downloaded Tinder, swiped mostly left with the exception of one guy, picked out an outfit for my first day on the new job, and went to bed.



I think of the girl I was then, and compare her to who I feel I am today. That girl was super optimistic. She believed that you could imagine anything that cause it into being, so be careful what you think and what you say. I remember the first time the Brooklyn boy who I would end up dating for a year saw my vision board. He freaked out and told me I was strange. I didn’t mind being strange, because strange was better than typical. I was light, and mostly carefree, and I was so excited. If I had to describe myself with only two words, it would be unabashedly hopeful.


my first day on the new job in NYC! Don’t I look like a New Yorker?

 Today, I like to think of myself more of a mental work in progress.


NYC is great. It’s amazing, there’s a palpable vibrant thrum here: people to see, places to go. There’s always something going on that you have to be “in-the-know” to even know about it. And it’s a very long vetting process to get “in-the-know” here! There’s always a performance happening somewhere. It’s not uncommon to stop at an open mic and be surprised that a celebrity performs. There’s amazing people here from all over the world with interesting stories of how they got here and managed to stay here. This truly is the fashion capital of USA. I will never get bored walking down 5th Ave.  There’s a plethora of day parties and BBQs to choose from during the summer months.


NYC is tough. The summers are uncomfortably hot when you’re commuting via public transportation to work. The winter is absolutely egregious. Don’t wear flip flops unless you are ok with filthy feet and possibly contracting a disease. Dating is like Russian Roulette meets Don’t Fall in the Lava that you used to play as a kid.  There’s a chance he/she could be the one, there’s also a chance that you could be catfished, he/she is too short, insecure, a stalker, has a proven record of cheating (and is not even ashamed) or the highest probability is that they’ve already dated one of your friends. A complete waste of time.  Time is money, and no one tolerates someone wasting their time. Walk faster! Get to the point! Don’t stop to play with people’s dogs! Put it in a novel and give it to me later.


In Brooklyn during Caribbean Festival, posing with the dancers


Everyone is on their A-game. A first date is more like an interview by a co-op board or for an upper management position. People will honestly admit that they make friends dependent on the borough and neighborhood a new acquaintance lives in. You can be intimidated by it, or you can be motivated. I chose to be motivated.


It’s been an interesting two years. I’ve broken bones, I’ve been snowed in, I’ve dealt with furry pestilences in a new apartment, I’ve changed industries a few times, got lost countless times, my heart has been broken. I made plans to move back to Miami where the people are nicer, the weather is better, and everything is so much more easy.

In Times Square with friends, posing with NYPD



I’ve also sat front row at a few fashion shows, met NBA players and other celebrities, modeled (a very little bit when I first came here) made wonderful true friends, figured my way around, got a dog, finally landed in a great apartment, and now enjoy amazing views from my midtown Manhattan office. I have to say, I’ve come a long way in two years.



At Joe Fresh event in Manhattan with a fellow blogger, Glamourimblog





at a Latina Cool Fashion Magazine event in Manhattan


I’ve scrapped my vision boards and came up with a new five year plan. I have bigger dreams now. New York has taught me to let my fear of failure spur me forward onto bigger and better things. If something isn’t working, I either make it better, or let it go. If I don’t like something, I will change it. I won’t stop until I’m great.


If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to admonish you to never stop improving, don’t settle for less, and you are your biggest obstacle, so get over yourself. If you’re not ok with yourself, no one else will be.


And, in the words of the great Jimmy Cliff:

Rome was not built in a day
Opposition will come your way
But the hotter the battle you see
Is the sweeter the victory now

You can get it if you really want
You can get it if you really want
You can get it if you really want
But you must try, try and try, try and try 
You'll succeed at last

In Dumbo, on a carousel!!



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