SoHo Chic in une, deux, trois,,,, PART 2

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SoHo Chic in une, deux, trois,,,, PART 2

Do we really love? We tolerate, we obsess, we swerve, we stay where we are for fear of being alone or knowing theres slim pickings out there, but do we love?

We qualify our future partners by BMI, bust-waist-hip ratio, credit score, savings account, debt-to-income ratio. We fight for our rights, and come for whoever comes for us. We protest, we strike. We threaten. We build walls to protect our vulnerability. We unify against the opposition. We lie, we cheat. We avoid feelings because it's safer, cleaner. We lead people on until we are ready to move on to the new spot. We recycle lovers like running shoes because we have to keep our numbers up. We bare all in hopes of validation from the outside world because we don't know how to love ourselves.  We hold on in desperation. We make it work until it no longer works for us.

Why don't we love?

Today, I choose love. If you're reading this, reach out and tell someone "I appreciate you, and I love you," because you don't have the guarantee of 'tomorrow,' or even 'later.' 

So now to talk about a look I love....

We shot this look in Soho. 

I love it because its super comfy and a great transition outfit from winter to spring. Also, aren't these shoes to die??? The long blazer is a great spring update. If you get to warm running around trying to hail a cab, you can just wear the sweater. The large knit is breathable and comfy.

The shoes, blazer, pants and bag are Zara. The sweater is H&M.

What do you think? I'd love to know. Comment below!




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  • Great article. Not just for the style, but the authentic connection with others.
    3/24/2016 5:36:50 PM Reply
  • You look adorable. Per usual. Keep at it! You're gonna do big things.
    3/24/2016 3:04:43 PM Reply

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