SoHo Chic in une, deux, trois,,,, PART 1

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SoHo Chic in une, deux, trois,,,, PART 1


At last! Some spring weather! 

One of my favorite things about the break from winter weather here in NYC is breaking up with wearing black. By default, New Yorkers end up wearing all black all winter because it always matches the boots, hats, scarfs and doesn't pick up too much dirt and stains. After the clocks change in the fall, you enter "cuffing season" with a relationship with wearing black and it lasts all winter. It gets easy, it's comfortable, and you just don't have to try. If you stopped going to the gym, black doesn't notice, and doesn't tell anyone either. But when the Spring comes, you're ready to see other colors and patterns. It's not you, it's me. You're great, you deserve better, and right now I don't want anything serious with black. I want to have some fun with colors, and flirt with florals.

But like any ended relationship that didn't end too rocky, you go back a few times to get what you're missing before it's really over.

I was drawn to Zara's new flagship store in SoHo because of their beautiful floral awning over the entrance at the grand opening, and all of the nudes and floral patterns on display as you walk in. It was cold outside, and it was warm inside the store. But what had happened was, I saw this dress and I was like, "My legs would look great in this." So I got it.

My general rule for black and white in the spring is the soften up the look by utilizing nude accessories. These nude patten leather tasseled loafers from Zara are everything and move the dress from being so Sound of Music to Mean Girl. For some extra fun, I decided to wear knee-high stockings, because it's not so warm that we can go completely bare legged. Not just yet.


The bag is super versatile and also from Zara, as well as the leather jacket. These shades that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE are from SEE Eyewear, my faves.

What do you think of the look? Leave a comment below!

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