Monc Boutique - Your New Favorite Shopping Spot

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Monc Boutique - Your New Favorite Shopping Spot

Looking for a place to pick up a cute and affordable outfit for date night? 

Looking for a dress for all the Holiday Parties you've RSVP'ed to, but you don't want to break the bank on this one?

Looking for a comfy pair of camo's without going too cray-cray?

Looking for a brunch appropriate look for this Sunday at Morgans in Midtown?

Looking for gifts for your girls -- a fab clutch or a unique piece of jewelry?

Look no further. Monc Boutique has it all. All for less than $100.

Monc Boutique, located in Sunset Place at 7222 Red Road in Miami Fl (33143), has the latest fashion finds at affordable pricing.

I stopped by the boutique last Sunday, and had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Maya. (I know, right???? It was meant to be...)  Maya showed me around the store and I while I asked a little bit about the store:

Alamodemaya: True story: I follow you on Instagram, and stalked your website before venturing out to your store. Who are the "three girls" who started the store?

Monc: The three girls are my sisters and Me. 

A: Tell me about your family.

M: The name of the store, Monc, is a combination of the three sister's  and Maya's son's 1st initials  (Maya, Oliver, Nayla and Carol).  Our family moved from Lebanon when we were young to Chile. We  spent time living in and visiting most of the major metropolitan fashion cities in the world.  Nayla and I later obtained degrees and then careers with some of the leading names in fashion (Estee Lauder and Perry Ellis).

A: What does your combined experience with such major fashion names bring to the store?

M:  Our brand marketing and fashion merchandising and purchasing background helped us to create Monc . Having that exposure early in our careers, as well as independence and traveling at very young ages have exposed us to fashion trends worldwide. The same work we did for the major names, we do here for our store.

A: The items in the store are handpicked by yourselves. Who would you say is a major influence on your style. 

M: Nayla's fashion icon is Nicole Richie.

Here are my five picks from the store:

"Movie Night"

"Date Night"

"Art Basel"

"Wynwood Art Walk"

"Brunch at Morgan's in Midtown"

photography credit: Stanley Babb (v

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